ONLINE Applications open October 1st

Great job so far, getting to this point.


You’ve slaved over your business plans, validated your market, checked your product- market-fit.


Now you are ready to scale up but you need some support.


That’s where ScaleUp Malaysia comes in.


We are looking to invest our time, experience and money in Malaysian startups poised for growth and regional expansion. We will work with you to develop your strategy and business models as well as introduce you to investors to secure your next round of funding.


Building a great company is hard, but you don’t have to go at it alone. We know because we are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, professionals and investors who collectively have founded 9 companies, exited 7 companies and coached a total of 1,000+ Start-ups and Scale-ups.


ScaleUp Malaysia is founded by the people behind Proficeo, the business consultancy and programme managers of Cradle’s Coach & Grow Programme, with an impressive track record of raising funds over RM428 million and coaching more than 700 Malaysian companies and 2000+ entrepreneurs in the past 10 years.


Powered by

  • 2X a year application cycle

  • 20 shortlisted companies

  • 2 months training & networking

  • 10 companies selected for RM200K investment

  • 24 months external Management Team (CTO, CFO, CMO, 2 CSO  (that's Chief Strategy Officers!)

  • 2 months intensive structured coaching programme

  • 1 month pitching & investor readiness bootcamp

  • Exposure to investors and potential acquirers

All companies selected will benefit from a 2 month training programme aimed at helping founders increase their competencies. During the 2 months, we will work with you on your strategic plans to scale your business and help you identify your gaps.

A selected 10 companies will then benefit from our extended 6 month program to scale and get funding. Depending on their needs. companies will be provided personalised coaching sessions from industry experts who will provide guidance and help in the following areas:

Here are what Proficeo's other companies say about its programmes

Sandeep Grewal , CEO Subhome

As an entrepreneur you are always on a lonely journey and there is no one to guide you.....here you have the guidance, you have advice, the experience, you have wealth of knowledge and you have a network of like minded people.

Thomas Yip, Founder, Radica Software

CGP has essentially opened my mind to what is possible, growing my company by more than 30% annually, in addition to building friendship with coaches and fellow entrepreneurs that will last forever. Highly recommended.

Joe Dolcetti, 

CEO SportBoleh

SportBoleh and Lila are a company that is getting recognition around the world and it wouldn’t have happened without CGP and the great people there. So just ask yourself this, when you’re wondering if you can afford the time to be involved in this programme, you should be thinking about, can you afford not to be in this programme. CGP Rocks!

Jazz Tan, Founder, Youthstoday.com

So through this twelve months...we raised more than half a million in revenue, we grew five to 10 times more than we are. And we also raised around twenty one thousand users. And just last month itself we were selected as one of top six companies to actually be in the Silicon Valley America to pitch to the venture capitalists. So to us it's a very great and big milestone.


Meet The Team

Doc Siva

Master Coach and Slave Driver.

A well known name in the startup ecosystem, Doc is currently a council member of MIPC, and MVCDC  and the Chairman of the Ministerial Taskforce for Technopreneur Funding. A straight and sharp-shooting Coach who tells things as they are.

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Renuka Sena

A serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Proficeo, Renuka’s experience spans ecosystem building and coaching programme development. She always has the best interest at heart for the entrepreneurs she coaches but, if you get out of line, watch out for her disciplinarian ways.

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Shanli Tay

Managing Partner of Scaleup Malaysia and Co-founder of Babydash, A Chartered Accountant and ex-Investment Banker, Shanli hides a tough-as-nails demeanour behind that smile of hers.

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Aaron Sarma

Our resident hipster, CEO and founder of Vidi,  Aaron, started his company as Touristly, which was then acquired by Air Asia. A self-professed coffee snob, this seasoned entrepreneur’s penchant for coffee matches his meticulousness at work.

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John Doe

Watch this space for more team members!


How much do you invest? 

We will invest RM200,000 in each company. The investment is to be used to help in the identified areas of growth that are identified by the core team. This is just the monetary investment, in addition we invest our time and bring our experience to your company. 


We’ve already raised funding - can we still apply? 

Yes, we are looking for companies that have validated their business ideas but need help to raise the next round of funding or help with the next growth spurt for their business. 


We are a startup that hasn’t launched our product yet, are we your target company?

Unfortunately not, we are looking for high growth companies with proven revenues and the potential for 100% year-on-year growth over the next 1-5 years.   


We have participated in another Accelerator, can we still apply? 

Yes, you can. Different Accelerators provide you with different value. Our Accelerator is looking to help companies with scale, growth and follow-on funding, not with initial product-market fit or idea validation. 


We don’t really need the money. Does it still make sense to apply? 

Most of the companies which apply won’t need the money. And in fact the money is only a small part of what Scaleup Malaysia does. The money we invest is used to trial different growth strategies and to tie the company over to the next fund-raising round. More importantly, you will receive invaluable training from experts, be exposed to the Scaleup Malaysia community of leaders as well as gain access to potential investors and partners. 


Do you only fund companies in a particular field/industry? 

No, we'll consider companies in any field. The key is the companies must use and leverage technology for growth and be able to scale regionally.

If you are a scaleup company, we want to hear from you-
Contact us for more info!

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